Connecting software systems and applications

We combine complex technologies with proven processes that alleviate redundancy, gaps and potential overlaps that may exist within your organization

Ticketing Systems

Connect Web Ordering directly to your ticketing system using the API functions provided. We can offer you a fully functional ticketing system.


Integrate and synchronize Salesforce CRM with existing enterprise applications: Legacy Systems; Web Applications; Group Ticketing CRM

Other Integrations

Everything, including: Payment Gateways; Accounting systems; Mapping Solutions; Freight and Delivery systems; Email Services; Social Media sites

API Design & Architecture

We can design an API to expose the right pieces of your existing applications securely, and efficiently

Application programming interfaces (APIs), which were once just a tool for developers, have now become the foundation for many business models.

  • Synchronize data between software with application programming interface
  • We can develop Custom API applications for your business website or web app
  • We can Develop custom API integration based on your needs
  • Offer you consulting service to help make good decisions on API integration

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