Security Assessments

An assessment with both automated and manual testing should provide the information needed to move on to the next step remediation of the found vulnerabilities

Dynamic Testing

Black box testing (or dynamic testing) begins with automated scans, which can be valuable for getting a quick read of the security state of an application through a catalog of technical vulnerabilities.

Code Reviews

Source code reviews are based on direct observations of the code that will actually create the behavior. This allows for more insightful analysis and specific recommendations that are needed.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing simulates a malicious attack in order to perform in-depth business logic testing and determine the feasibility and impact of an attack. The testing is performed internally and externally to the system.


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Mobile Application Security Assessments

Applications running on Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile environments bring a unique challenge to information security in that a single application may consist of web services, embedded browsers and native code components

Security is a part of every stage in the development process:

  • Before: Our developers consider threat modeling and abuse-case scenarios
  • During: In the development process, developers conduct source code reviews
  • After: We make secure deployment recommendations upon project completion
  • Next: A piece of mind when selling services to have a secure application process

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