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Project Overview

Avianca is the commercial brand that represents the Latin American airlines integrated in Avianca Holdings S.A. Its workforce of over 20,000 employees have been recognized to provide an excellent world class service. We were required to build a professional looking website that would let the end consumers check flight availability, ticket booking, flight status and more.

The Challenge

Our developers were required to create a secure website for Avianca that would keep all the transactions and information protected. A mobile app was also a must for their consumers to easily and remotely check flights and make reservations. Challenge was to create the website that would look great on all internet platforms on any device.

Our Key Development Platforms

the solution

Avianca’s visitors now can search for promotions, vacation packages, tours and gain information about unique programs catered to corporate flying and much more. Travelers can save time by using features such as online booking, check-in to a flight, and even check status. We have made it easy for visitors and travelers to find relevant information fast which is updated frequently. The design for Avianca was put through many tests and prototypes to see which fits and looks the best. We are proud to provide a complete solution to make it easier to do business for a world class airline.

Desktop Environment

We built a website to run on all devices, from small to large. The site feels great to browse through with many features for the flyers. Mobile app is powerful as much as the website itself with amazing images, icons and information. An overall attractive and powerful experience is what Avianca desired.