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Project Overview

JP Catering has a passion for cooking with fresh herbs, olive oil and citrus accents sets their mouth-watering appetizers and entrées apart. They are the most reputable catering company in Toronto, Ontario and surrounding area. Overall site was needed to be built according to JP’s requirements.

The Challenge

Our experts were required to develop a clean and neat looking simple website using HTML5 and JavaScript mainly. Boost the functionality of the website by providing a robust Front-end development process. According to client’s instructions, we had to use their pictures and write fresh and dynamic content for JP Catering.

Our Key Development Platforms

the solution

Our experts built a modern interface and developed an efficient website for the client. We kept the response time for loading webpages at a high priority to keep consumers moving through the pages fluently. Our smooth front-end development process ensured maximum responsiveness. The theme and colors the client requested, was implemented with a thoughtful process of experimenting with multiple formats.

Desktop Environment

User-friendly site that would be simple to use with all the perks the client needed was built by our specialists. Keeping in mind the ease of access for the customers was our main priority and the front page that would look exuberant to the eyes.