We have the requisite technological know-how and rich experience of over seven years in implementing robust CRM solutions to various industries


While developing a CRM solution, we pay attention to escalation of present business methods in order to speed up all sales phases from lead generating to deal-sealing, enabling your full control over the sales process.

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Cost vs. Value

Our affordable CRM solution includes email marketing, lead scoring and marketing automation solutions. With this CRM system, you don’t need any separate marketing automation platform for your business

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Level of support

We offer a variety of CRM products including Microsoft CRM, and custom CRM solutions and modules. We provide support with a clear roadmap to fulfill all your required tasks.

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The CRM system at iPlex improves business relationships with customers, assists in retention, customer satisfaction and drives growth. It gives your customer service team the ability to manage customers’ personal information, history and buying inclinations.

  • CRM features resolve critical segmentation problems
  • Helps Identify defects in sales cycle
  • Creates a cooperative environment for sales, marketing and production sectors
  • Provides support with a clear roadmap to fulfill all your required tasks
  • Track sales costs per customer and sales channels
  • Allocating the sales efforts to the most cost-effective sales regions
  • Our solutions include email marketing, lead scoring and marketing automation
  • Our products include Microsoft CRM, custom CRM solutions
  • Data-driven customer prioritizing enables efficient planning of market strategy
  • Rich expertise in implementing CRM solutions in multiple industries worldwide

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