Access data from anywhere

Our CRM solutions offer true accessibility by allowing data to be entered from all sorts of locations, whether customer sites, partner’s premises or remote workers.

Simplicity and ease of integration:

Our system is simple and can be integrated with software that is used frequently. The most important features of our solution are exceptional tracking capabilities and simplicity.

List management/master data management:

Our CRM solutions enable efficient management of multiple lists. This allows business users to establish lists and also allows for real-time list segmentation and data management

Lead generation and follow-up tracking:

Our CRM service is strong in lead generation and follow-up, both in automated customer communications and reminders to sales people. Follow-up tracking converts leads into confirmed sales.

Close deals faster

We guarantee exceptionally swift closings for your business deals with minimum downtime owing to our groundbreaking CRM solutions

At iPlex, we believe that the Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about building and maintaining the relationships you have with your customers through a platform that is both easy to use and simple. Keeping that in mind, the iPlex CRM solutions are implemented in a way so you can have:

  • Simplicity and Ease of access
  • Multiple Lists management
  • Lead generation and Follow-up
  • Swift business deals closure
  • Remote and Mobile access
  • Boost sales and maximize growth.

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