Follow a systematic and scientific approach

We offer IT infrastructure audit services to enterprises. We believe that the enterprises should follow a systematic and scientific approach in making their IT decisions as it is largely adopted by virtue of managing growth

More Efficiency

The servers installed are properly configured for both security and efficiency.

Better Productivity

Identifying hardware and software that are impacting upon productivity.

Less Downtime

Identifying reasons as to why outages and downtime are occurring.

Are you doing the things that are included in your roles and responsibilities?

As an IT auditor we always “Pull the Thread” and see where it leads. For instance, ensuring security patches are identified and installed properly

Of the many steps required to comply with an audit, the following steps in particular are often overlooked. They represent great ways to help audit-proof the infrastructure as well as increase overall IT quality because having IT staff responsible for reporting their own activities just won't cut it.

  • Enforce access control standards with a flexible and granular permissions model
  • Keep an activity trail with real-time auditing, of a who, what, where and when
  • Demonstrate a change management process by confirming infrastructure changes
  • Automatically verify compliance with external and internal standards
  • On demand historical reports security, auditors and IT staff members can view
  • Less human input is required to collect the data; easily IT generated

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