Results-Driven Strategy

Your IT plan also should take into consideration and be based upon past accomplishments and information use

Current Technology Usage

Outline your accomplishments for the previous year, highlighting technology usage by organizational unit.

IT Resource Allocation

Establish a resource and business impact list: To which specific business function does each resource contribute?

Technology Architecture

Technology architecture that shows the governance of processes as well as the applications and the infrastructure.

Meet the current and future business needs

The only way to meet the current and future needs will be to have a comprehensive plan that reviews the current requirements and accurately forecasts spending over a multi-year timeline

We draw plans out by having your senior IT manager’s interview the business leaders. In addition, the IT organization has a wealth of data of its own that helps plan for future growth, as described below:

  • Areas of additional investment in technology that the unit plans to make
  • Use IT resource-allocation information to suggest additional investments
  • Provide easy-to-fill-in templates to collect project details
  • What specific technology is required to meet these objectives?

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