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Our QA services professionals add value by bringing domain expertise

Managed QA Services

Dedicated iPlex team provides ongoing Quality Assurance for steady support and enhancements. Leverage the extended iPlex team as required to meet specialty skills requirements and spikes in demand.

Automated Function Testing

Keyword and Data Driven approaches are used to create automated function testing scripts that are reusable, easily maintained, reduce regression testing time and increase coverage.

Performance Testing

Simulate anticipated load requirements and do a deep-dive analysis of the system impact and bottlenecks. Collaborate with the various technology teams to identify opportunities for improvement.

Test Program Management

Assistance with establishing processes and policies to maintain QA across complex, multiple projects

Our business value we provide:

  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Significant cost reductions due to effective defect prevention
  • Decreased software warranty costs
  • Efficiency gains through improvement/automation of testing process

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